Why Enrol with Our School

Titahi Bay Intermediate School is focused on the holistic education of our students as they make their journey through their middle years of education and prepare for their transition to college. We offer a range of learning experiences that cater to diverse learning needs and interests and are student-driven. Every child gets the same opportunities, as these two years are all about discovering themselves and their passions. 

We run a semi-specialised programme.  The purpose is to help our students to become more independent, as well as to interact with different teachers and therefore experience different teaching styles. With their homeroom classes, students move to specialised teaching sessions, which gives them a chance to experience learning with different teachers and ease into following a timetable, preparing them for a secondary school structured timetable.

Maths and Literacy skills are essential for future success and these areas are covered daily with students, whether it be in a dedicated Maths or English class or through other curriculum areas. Every class has access to chrome books, computers and Ipads. These are incorporated into daily lessons. Our Media Centre (Library) has a dedicated media viewing room and various computer pods for students to use.

We provide a Music Programme where every child gets the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument.  Every year we build on this programme by introducing new instruments and also cater for those who are interested in the orchestra and/or band. Over the years we have taught a range of languages such as Spanish, Japanese, French, NZ Sign Language and Italian.  Many of our students have then extended this enthusiasm by taking it as a subject in College. 

Titahi Bay Intermediate Graduates

will be able to:
  • explore and establish a pathway and vision for their future. 
  • have a sense of belonging, success, pride and confidence.
  • have strategies to cope in a variety of situations.
  • be a confident leader with good judgement who has the ability to care for the wellbeing of themselves and others.
  • have had the opportunities to widen their horizons and interests.

School Expectations - TE ARA

Our school is a part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide (PB4LSW) programme.  We look at behaviour and learning from a whole-of-school, as well as from an individual child’s perspective.

This programme has assisted us to build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life, it is tailored to our own environment and cultural needs. We are working with the following elements of environment, structure and practices to help support our students to make positive behaviour choices. 

We continue to refine and enhance our School-Wide Behaviour Management Plan, linking our school values and expectations and thus providing consistency and clarity to all students and staff at the school.  Our TE ARA values underpin the behaviour and expectations at our school. 

Tikanga – understanding that when we actively participate in developing a positive school culture where we do the right thing for ourselves and others it contributes to the well-being of our community.

Empathy – to have the ability and skill to identify, sense and respond appropriately to the needs of others.

Ako – to understand that there is mana and wealth in having knowledge and that we can share knowledge and learn from each other.

Rangatiratanga – to make a positive difference through role modelling and encouraging others.

Ambition – to understand that success is possible, what it might look like for ourselves and others and how to achieve it. 

Our learning programmes cover all areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.  We run a semi-specialised programme.  English is taught in Home Room Classes and Maths is taught in Focus Groups where students are grouped with others that are working at a similar level.

School-wide novel and poem Number Time for 30 mins
Learning Inquiry Unit of work for 60 mins
Reading Rotations and Writing Workshops 
Students move as a Home Room Class to various teachers for other curriculum areas such as Science, Music, Dance, Drama, Social Sciences, Languages, Te Reo Maori and Technology.
Students are encouraged to enter national and international competitions and challenges in the field of Maths, Science and English.  Their performance will be measured against their peers nationally and internationally. 
Examples are: Otago Problem Solving Challenge
Kiwi Competition in Maths and Science and English
I.C.A.S. International Competition
Titahi Bay Intermediate is very active in the areas of Music and Cultural Performances. 
Orchestra – BRIO
Learn to play an instrument and be part of the school music group.  The BRIO group will perform at various Trophy Nights and when requested.
School Band  
Students can audition to be part of the school band.  There are also competitions that the band can attend throughout the year.
The Singing group will perform at our school assembly and at the end of the term Trophy Nights.
The School Production happens every year.  This is a great opportunity to build on resilience, confidence, self-discipline, teamwork, organisation and time management.  
Kapa Haka/Siva
Learn and express the techniques and tikanga of Kapa Haka and Siva.  Students perform at various gatherings such as Trophy Nights, Te Ora Atamira, Kotahitanga, Matariki and when requested from other organisations. 

These are some of our Leadership and Extracurricular Activities that are on offer.  Different students have different passions and interests and we will try to accommodate them.

Every class elects two Student Councillors to represent their class.  Weekly meetings are held and the Student Council organises various events for the school, such as Mufti Days, Easter Raffle, Daffodil Day, Sausage Sizzles, Judging events etc.

Students can develop their leadership skills through being ambassadors for the school, trophy night hosts, assembly hosts and welcoming and looking after visitors to our school.

Students can train to be Road Safety patrollers and are rostered on throughout the year.

School Garden
Students can volunteer to assist in developing and maintaining our garden.

Healthy Harbours
We offer an Environmental Marine Programme where students are able to explore protected and unprotected marine environments.  This involves learning to use snorkelling equipment and all safety precautions associated.

Project based learning programmes are held for a week at the end of each term.  Students select from the different projects provided that week to participate.  These projects can range from enhancing their learning environments. 

A science engineering, innovation and technology problem solving competition where students compete in teams against other Year 7/8 students.

Students have an opportunity to participate in a range of learning activities which develop skills such as leadership, creativity and to broaden knowledge of topics covered during the year. 

Using the Technological Model, students develop their design ideas, products, create packaging, costing and then selling their final products at our school market night.

Sport is very important for the overall well-being of our students and we are proud to offer a wide variety of sports at our school besides our normal PE sessions. 

Students are able to attend a 10 week programme with WAI-TECH.  This is an optional programme that develops confidence on the water, leadership skills, self-awareness and tikanga Maori.

Netball teams are entered into the Saturday competition held at Mungavin Courts during the winter season.

Teams are sent to most inter-intermediate and Regional intermediate sporting events.  Athletics, Cross Country, Rugby, Volleyball, Rugby League to name just a few.

Students travel to Tauranga to participate in the NZAIMS Games.  With over 365 schools, more than 11,000 participants represented in 23 different sports this is a big event. These games have more participants than the Commonwealth Games and for those representing the school a definite highlight of their time at Titahi Bay Intermediate.


Cannons Creek Boxing Academy – The Billy Graham Youth Foundation model is rooted in positive peer development, where they engage young people across every demographic, and provide them an environment where they develop strong bonds with those around them.  The programme’s values are in line with their Passport of Success, and provides structured progression through a series of foundational, non-contact boxing skills. 

The whole school goes to camp every Even Year.  For the last 3 years we have attended Kaitoke Outdoor Education Centre (KOEC).  It is situated at the foothills of the Rimutaka Ranges, YMCA Kaitoke is just 45 minutes from Wellington CBD or 55 minutes from Masterton. It is set in 38 acres of natural and regenerating bush. Our students participate in a range of activities that help build their confidence and co-operative skills.  Activities include: Abseiling, Super Fox, Giant Swing, Low Ropes, Rock Climbing, Tree Top Trail and Kayaking. 
The purpose of Noho Marae is to provide our students with the opportunities to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of marae tikanga and kawa as well as feel comfortable with tikanga Maori as they participate in a variety of Maori functions and cultural activities on a marae
Trophy Evenings
The success of our students is celebrated at the end of each term where trophies and runners up certificates are presented.  Trophy nights are a celebratory occasion where students showcase their achievements through performances and by presenting their work from the term. 
The following trophies are presented:
Excellence in Manaakitanga
Excellence in The Arts
Excellence in Te Reo Maori
Excellence in Languages
Excellence in Mana Whakatipu
Most Improved in Literacy
Most Improved in Mathematics
Sporting Excellence
Excellence in Citizenship
Excellence in Attitude and Effort
Academic Excellence
YEAR 8 Graduation
We celebrate the success of our Year 8 students as they transition on to college.  This is a special occasion where students make speeches and they are presented with a taonga to protect them on their journey. 
WAI-TECH Graduation
A graduation ceremony is held at the end of the 10 week course.  Each student delivers their pepeha and receives a certificate of graduation.
School starts at 8:50 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.  We encourage our students to be organised and ready for the school day, so we require our students to be in class by 8.45 a.m.
Our school day is broken up into the following:
  8.50  –   9.00      Home Room 
  9.00  – 10.30 English
10.30  – 10.40 In class eating
10.40  – 11.00 Morning Tea
11.00  – 12.30 Maths
12.30  – 12.40 In class eating 
12.40  –   1.15 Lunch
1.20  –   2.05  Period 1
2.05  –   2.50  Period 2
2.50  –   3.00 Home Room 

Breakfast Club Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 am.  Weetbix and milk is provided through the Kickstart Breakfast programme supported by  Sanitarium, Fonterra and the Ministry of Social Development.

Lunches – our school takes part in the Healthy Lunch school programme.  This provides every student with a healthy lunch on a daily basis under the guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

Fruits in Schools – under this government funded initiative programme our students are provided with fresh fruit throughout the week.