Why an Intermediate?

At Titahi Bay Intermediate we believe in the “Intermediate Advantage”. What does this advantage look like:


  • Small school environment where your child will not be overlooked where everyone knows their name
  • Your young person has a greater sense of belonging and personal values
  • Dynamic, nurturing teachers who have a passion for the Intermediate age group
  • Specialised facilities designed for Intermediate aged students
  • Personalised programmes designed to meet the needs of this unique age group which includes intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development
  • Programmes that are driven by our students’ interest and cover a wide range of curriculum area
  • Increased leadership opportunities
  • Timetabled classes where students are taught by a variety of teachers in preparation for secondary school
  • Focused approach that develops time-management and as well as student agency
  • A range of extra-curricular opportunities to engage, challenge and grow our students minds during this crucial phase of their development


Our Intermediate provides student-centred programmes specially developed for the significant changes that happen during this developmental stage. We have fostered relationships with our local kura and colleges to ensure a carefully planned transition between each phase of schooling.